Saturday, February 16, 2008

Very Good Gig

Wow, that was one cool gig! Wok Star is a crappy little bar on a crappy little restaurant, but what the hell. That was a lot of fun. We had, at the most 25 people, but they loved every note. Marc Rizzo was humble, gracious, and complimentary. Not only that, but he is one freaking outstanding guitar player! It did not rain on us, although the awning did drip water on my drumset. Oh well, nothing a towell can't take care of. Friends from work came out and they were blown away by both Marc and us. Eliot thought he played like shit, but only he and I know that. Most of the audience hasn't heard this stuff and has no idea anyway. Were we electrocuted? No. Was our equipment ruined? No. Did we make any money? No. Oh well, we're alive, our gear is ok, and we had a good time. Enough said. Oh, I also had a very tasty sixteen year old single malt islay called Lagavulin.

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ncrnmkn said...

I totally knew Eliot was performing sub par but didn't want to say anything.