Friday, February 22, 2008


You gotta love this guy. He sends me a note on myspace out of the blue and says, "Hi, my name's Adam and I'm a local promoter . i do booking for bigtime and im working on an all ages show at the sets that i think your sound would fit well onto. its on 4/6, would yoube able to play that show?i can get you all the info and stuff, just email me at my booking email account phx@bigtimeentertainment. net (i cant really do any booking through my myspace account, the myspace inbox is horrible to work in) didn't see an email address so i figured best to just msg you to get the ball rolling. -adam"

What a pile of crap. Here's my response,

"Okay Adam, I'll bite (mostly 'cause that date's a Saturday and we like to play Saturdays). How come you think we'd be a good fit for this gig? Who else is on? Do we get paid? What's Phx bigtime entertainment? Do you want me to sell tickets, 'cause I'll tell you right now I don't sell tickets. I play music, I get paid. Promoters sell tickets. Bars sell beer. I play music. I get paid 'cause people pay money and buy beer to hear me play music. So don't scam me, don't sham me. If you're legit, I'm okay. If you're shit, go away. Simple as that.

Michael, Anima Obscura

P. S. our bass player says The Sets sucks. Better be good or he won't even think about it."

What d'ya know. Adam hasn't responded.

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Drumdude said...

Amen to that!
Keep it up!