Friday, February 15, 2008

The Show Must Go On!

40% chance. It's currently sprinkling on my house. It's 5o degrees fahrenheit and we're still scheduled to play outside at 10:40 tonight. We have a one hour time slot and Marc Rizzo is set to play immediately after us. A lot of my friends from work have taken off early to catch this show. My buddy Ken is letting me use his Suburban to transport gear so it will be dry and safely locked up while I hang to hear Marc Rizzo tear it up. Frank (my guitar player) says there is an awning over the stage and everything is grounded (that's nice!). He also tells me Marc is a super nice, humble guy, not a prima donna at all. All my friends have said they're going to buy me a drink after we play... which definitely means someone else will have to drive that damn Suburban! Okay, it's all hinging on the rain. This could rock or this could suck. If you can't be there, be here and I'll let you know how it goes.

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