Saturday, February 16, 2008

After Gig Blues

Wow. I'm suffering with that odd depressing melencholy that sometimes follows a really good show. I'm asking "what now?". We had a great gig, but we have no shows scheduled to follow up. We have no recording time scheduled. We have some new song ideas, but nothing's worked up and it's kind of left me feeling a little weird and kind of blue (thank's Miles). Being an artist is so bipolar. I get this incredible high from performing, be that on the stage or in the gallery, it doesn't matter. Then a day or so after the performance or the opening, you kind of go, crap... now I have to work again. I have to practice, or write, or paint some shit. And I like practicing and writing and painting, obviously, but still there's this transition period that always occurs right after the performance or presentation. As an artist, I have two strangely seperate personalities. There's the guy on stage and there's the guy in the studio and they are very different individuals. That strange period in which one personality is forced to give over to the other is, at times, very disturbing. That's why I stuck disturbing art with this post.

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