Sunday, February 3, 2008

Prog In Bars

I played a show at a local club last Friday night and I was pleasently surprised to hear prog on the PA while we were setting up. First I noticed Night School from Zappa's Jazz From Hell playing while I was hauling my drums in. Then, while I was setting up, I heard The Construktion of Light by King Crimson. While the sound tech was miking my drums I asked him if it was his mix. It turns out he's a huge prog fan and he actually knows Emmet Chapman. Very cool. He was stoked to see that I would be playing Chapman Stick and he did a very good job mixing it (I ran direct). I find that few of the bars we play actually know what prog is, so this was a very nice change. I had a long chat with members of the first band, Thankful Birds, and it turns out they love prog. They stayed around for our set and they were very complimentary. All in all it was a very good gig. Gives me hope for the future of America.

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