Thursday, February 21, 2008

Spooky Weirdness

This doesn't happen every day. Last month we played a gig at a local favorite called Hollywood Alley. The opener was Thankful Birds. The T-Birds were scheduled to play a new club called The Haunted Castle. They told me who to write so we could play there too. I emailed and sent messages through myspace. I called the number and I drove by the place. This went on for a couple of weeks with no response, no results. Then my buddy Ken sends me a news article about a guy who wanted to open a Halloween themed bar called The Haunted Castle. It so happens that when the city of Tempe turned down his application for a liquor licence, the owner of said house of horror snapped. He sent letters to city officials and newspapers saying that he planned to teach them all a lesson. He was planning to go to the Superbowl with a high powered rifle and start shooting football fans. He drove all the way to the Glendale Sports Arena armed to the teeth, then changed his mind at the last minute and turned himself in to the police. I still haven't heard anything back from those guys. Guess we won't be playing there any time soon. Neither will the T-birds. But hey, the bar's myspace page is still up if you want to send 'em a note:

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ncrnmkn said...

creepy to say the least. I love the Arizona / Skull emblem, freaking sweet! Can you make me one?