Thursday, February 28, 2008

This Guy

Okay, I've been listening to this guy play since I was 15. I thnk it was 1977 when I saw him play with Frank Zappa (and Bozzio, the Brecker Bro's, and Eddie Jobson). In 1980, I heard the King Crimson album Discipline and I was completely floored. In 1983 I saw KC in concert for the first time. I've seen Belew play with KC twice since. I saw him play tonight at The Rhythm Room in Phx, AZ and I was absolutely blown away. He is a mad scientist of guitar. Absolutely unique. He has a voice on his instrument that is instantly recognizeable. As such, he has grasped the Holy Grail of music. But more important than that, he comes across as a genuine, humble, really nice guy. I smiled through that whole concert. If I could play music and just make people smile the way he made me smile tonight, I would be completely satisfied with my career.

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