Friday, February 29, 2008

Freakin' Bars

So I quess we're playing this place or maybe not or ... huh? Right so I sent them a note and asked can we play and they said sure they've got a Friday and Frank and Eliot said we could get more people if it was a Saturday so I asked them if we could play a Saturday and they never responded. Then a guy sent me a note and said we can play on Friday March 15 and if we had a good response they'd have us back and I asked if they could have us on late like 10 or 11 so I wouldn't have to take too much vacation time at work and they never got back to me. Then some other guy sent me a note and said he's booking a show on the 21st and we're good to go. So I'm like who the hell is this guy and I sent a note back to the other guy and asked if we're playing the 15th the 21st both or never. Who freeking knows? I'll let you know when I know. By the way I'm experimenting with limited punctuation and run-on sentence structure to see if I can capture a true sense of the frustration I feel when dealing with the local music scene. Let me know if you think I've been successful. Does this stream of consciousness writing technique have the kind of on-the-fly style you would associate with say french avant garde film making or is it merely pretentious and annoying and/or is pretentious and annoying something you just can't get enough of? Gosh I'm dying to know!

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