Sunday, February 24, 2008

Random Studio Pic

This is my teaching studio. On the left is a six piece Po' Boy birch kit. On the right is a four piece 1967 Ludwig with a maple picolo snare. Between them is a music stand with the book Fundamental Studies for the Snare Drum by Garwood Whaley. On the far right are a bunch of drum cases. Between the sets is a little table with two pairs of isolation headphones. There is often a cup of coffee on the same little table. Sometimes there is a glass of Jack Daniel's on the little table, but only when the little students aren't there taking their little drum lessons. There is cardboard covering the window because I am Nosferatu and I fear the light of day. In the picture at the top of my blog (the blog profile picture) is a low budget Pearl Export with a pair of Reme Roto Toms. I don't really use that one any more. Wanna buy it?

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