Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Zappa DVD

Okay, it's not my goal to advertise on this blog. None the less, I'm going to promote this DVD - And I haven't even bought it yet! The reason I can so highly recommend it is this: way back in the 1980's this concert was simulcast on MTV and "Star fleet Radio". Somebody recorded it and I bought it because I am a Zappa devotee. I've watched this concert countless times and I've been waiting forever for the Zappa Family Trust to remaster this and release it to the public. This is a fantastic show. It's the Tinsel Town Rebellion and You Are What You Is material, so it has stuff like Doreen, Teenage Wind, Mud Club, Beauty Knows No Pain, and the definitive live performance of Stevie's Spanking. Steve Vai has blue streaks in his hair, Tommy Mars wears a tie dyed cave man shirt, Chad Wackerman looks about 12 years old, and Bobby Martin sings really high. My video is only the second set and it appears this DVD is both sets, so this is a must have.

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