Sunday, June 1, 2008

Home Again

Well, I am home again after a thoroughly amazing weekend. I got to premier the new Po' Boy line. I got to teach. I got to meet wonderful people, and I had some of the most amazing moments of my career. Special props to Dave Nezat. It's awesome when someone who plays a totally different style from you, digs what you do and teaches you something new at the same time. Dave is a New Orleans, second line, zydeco, funk, groove monster! I am honored to have shared a stage with this master. When someone like that compliments your playing, it's hard to not be humbled. Tony and the whole Po' Boy gang really know how to treat you right! I had an absolute blast and that drum kit is just phenomenal, not to mention the cymbals! OMG this gear is really the s***! I will definitely frame that poster and hang it in my studio. Tony and I have been discussing future endeavors so check back, I believe there are some interesting projects in the works! You know what else?... Special thanks to The Toad Tavern. What an awesome club. Those guys did us right. And most importantly we raised over $5000 for the Denver ALS Foundation! What a time.

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