Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Some time ago I installed a function on my blog that gives me information (mostly stats) about my blog visitors. I can see how many visitors I've had on a certain day, what country/city they came from, whether they're a new or returning visitor, how much time they spent on the site, how many pages they looked at, what key words they searched for, etc...

I think it's interesting that most of my visitors have come from searches on two topics: The Black Page/polyrhythms and Mind Maps (I'm sure you can understand why I lumped The Black Page and Polyrhythms together). Obviously there is considerable interest in both topics. I wonder if the people interested in Mind Maps are interested in polyrhythms and vice versa. Who knows?

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Melissa Cameron said...

Michael, I followed a link from TopicScape to your post featuring the Bloom's Taxonomy mind-map. Thank you so much for sharing that!