Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Kit

Okay, here's the fininsh I'm getting on my new kit. This is a birch/maple hybrid with natural finish.
The bass drum will be virgin, i.e. no tom mount on it. The rack toms will be on seperate stands so that I can change configurations easily to accomodate various canon and fugue ideas. The 20" kick should bring everything down a little bit for ease of movement while still providing a good bottom end. I'm told it should be ready in time for my clinic. Fingers crossed.

The sizes are:
20 x 18 kick, 10 lug
8 x 8 rack, 4 lug
10 x 8 rack, 6 lug
12 x 9 rack, 6 lug
14 x 12 rack, 8 lug
16 x 16 floor, 8 lug
14 x 5.5 snare, 8 lug

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