Sunday, April 27, 2008

If You Have Ears To Hear

I was wathching Terry Bozzio play The Black Page on the new Zappa Plays Zappa DVD and, lo and behold, I noticed that he had earplugs in. Not in-ear monitors, but orange, squishy, foam, industrial variety earplugs. This warms my heart. I have been playing in bands and attending concerts for thirty years and I have no significant hearing loss and I do not have tinnitus. I attribute this to the practice of always wearing ear protection. I always practice with either earplugs or isolation headphones. Whenever I go to a club or a concert I bring earplugs just in case. You can never tell how loud things are going to get. I buy the Aero classic earplugs in boxes of 200 pairs through for $20 a box. I encourage my students to wear them too.

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