Friday, March 28, 2008

Canon and Fugue

Alrighty, so I'm moving along like this clinic is a thing that's actually going to happen. Of course I'm also considering that this is the music business and, as such, it is also possible that this could all fall through the cracks at the eleventh hour. At any rate, hope springs eternal and I'm assuming a probability of fruition. That said, the topic of the clinic will definetly be Canon and Fugue for the Drumset. I've been working through the material that PAS published and I'm trying to determine the best way to deliver the concept to a disparate group of drummers. So far, I'm looking at about an hour's worth of material to demonstrate the concept and take an audience from Round to Fugue while bringing home the salient points and still playing enough flashy stuff to keep them interested. After all, a clinic is sort of half class, half entertainment. So I'm debating... Do I want to add in other topics, like polyrhythms (I really want to play The Black Page), or do I just stick with the one subject? Hmmmm... the mind ponders.

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