Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Next Big Gig!

Can't wait to see how this one goes... five other bands I've never heard of, at a club I've never played at, through a "promoter" I've never met, on a night none of our fans will come out, across the street from a toxic waste clean up site! Oh well what the heck, music is all about meeting new people and having a good time, isn't it?. Or is it all about organizing and manipulating sound with some regard for melody, harmony, and rhythm? I'm never quite sure. Anyway, I will not be daunted by the whispered lies of the Spider of Negativity! I will charge once again into the breach! My sword is tempered, my loins are girded in steel! I shall prevail... and I will drink a beer and have a good time playing really loud music!

On a side note, is that E-poster kind'a weak? If you know me... I didn't make it. Okay? My E-posters are all better than that one. Really.

1 comment:

ncrnmkn said...

signage is definitely weak. I'll bet you sword is tempered, freak.