Wednesday, May 12, 2010


This is what happens when you put one girl with three boys. I love this one. I said, if you could draw whatever you wanted, what would you draw and the seventh grade girl took a book on how to draw animals. She showed me adorable sketches and I said okay. The boys took a long to think of what would be cool. Finaly they kind of agreed on robots, and I encouraged them to run with that. All the animals were done by the girl, the glazing in the tigers coat, the ala prima in the bunny, and the fine pencil work in the mouse and squirel. I love the two robots, one with fire in his belly and the other with cold clockwork steel. The fence was done with several rulers that have a circular hole in the end. The students used these as templates to cover the entire background with perfect little circles. They left some holes to make it really look like old chicken wire.

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