Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Those Darn Zappas

Those Darn Zappas. I think that would make a great title for a reality TV program. That notwithstanding, the thrust of this post has more to do with my previous post regarding The Black Page. I am having problems with my score. I've contacted Munchkin Music, the organization that oversees the distribution of Zappa orchestral scores. The Black Page is not listed as being available for purchase or rental and whoever runs the site has not responded to my queries. Furthermore, Gail Zappa sent me a note a few years ago stating that the score was not available at that time. This leaves me with my hand written score taken from the Bozzio/Wackerman video which, quite frankly, contains some ambiguities. For instance, the placement of notes on the staff does not match current standard drumset notation. Everything appears to be shifted down two whole steps, at some points the drummers play rolls on the snare and floor tom that don't appear to noted in the score, and none of the cymbals are specified (i.e. crash1, crash2, ride, china, etc). I've watched the performance and made notes to indicate the changes, but I still can't be certain of the integrity of my score. I do know that I'm very close. As I read it and compare it to the performance, most of it is dead right. I wish, however, those darn Zappas would make an official printed version available.

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