Tuesday, November 1, 2011

TARDIS Halloween costume

My son Ian and I made a TARDIS costume for Halloween. If you don't know, TARDIS stands for "Time And Relative Dimension In Space" and it is the name of the time/space ship that belongs to The Doctor on the British science fiction show Doctor Who. Ian (he's eleven) and I made it from cardboard boxes, electrical tape, acrylic paint, a mason jar, a flashlight, and a massive number of hot glue sticks. It was an enormous success, with people wanting pictures and facebook posts galore.


Anonymous said...

Molto bene! I am eleven this year and I'm trying to make a TARDIS costume for Halloween that relatively looks like a TARDIS. So far, this one is the coolest. How do you guys like season 7?

Michael Petiford said...

Thanks! Our TARDIS was a huge hit last Halloween and we're pretty proud of it. We're so glad you like it. Season 7 is awesome so far. I love Brian (Mr. Weasley), sad about the deaths of Amy and Rory, and we totally love Oswin!

Anonymous said...

It seems that it's a little bit small for you, but it's bigger on the inside, yeah? ;)

Just joking. It's cool. I love it!
Billy Ginger