Thursday, June 11, 2009


To those who have followed my blog I apologize. I have not posted for quite sometime for the simple reason that I have been in a crisis of a personal nature that I am not ready to share publically. Those who know me intimately know my crisis and sympathize; thank you. The print I've posted is, of course, Goya's famous "The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters". It, I think, is profoundly appropriate to my current situation. At present I am in fact, suffering a similar fate to that of the individual depicted in this astonishing etching. That said, I will now segue to the promotion of a brilliant documentary that I just finished watching. Goya: Crazy Like a Genius is one of the latest works by art historian Robert Hughes and it is brilliant. If you have netflix you can rent it right away. I have always loved Goya's "3rd of May", "Sleep of Reason", and "Saturn Devouring His Children" but I have never truly appreciated Goya until now. The guy was freaking brilliant. I hope you will bear with me through this difficult time, I'm certain I will come out the better for it. In the meantime I hope you'll enjoy learning about a troubled genius who understood and suffered as you and I do. Goya rocks.

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